Welmer Keesmaat

Welmer Keesmaat is a Dutch photographer, graphic designer and founder / director of Tique. Tique is a platform for contemparary art based in Belgium and the Netherlands, with an exhibition space and a printed and online magazine. Tique also publishes books on art.

The imagery of Welmer Keesmaat is based on personal experiences and ever-changing processes. He is currently focussing on specific locations and on the concept of contact in general. Recurring themes in his photographs include personal interaction, origin and history, occupying space, relationships, the open and the closed.

These subjects are investigated in his work, beginning with an intuitive phase during which the photographic image is made, followed by a process of printing and re-photographing these printed images or images on screen. Later in the process, the images come together in books and photographic installations.


Still (2014) – Order here
He who wants fire… (2013) – Order here
Up Close (2012) – Order here


15 November – 30 November: JCA De Kok – Den Haag, The Netherlands
11 September – 30 November: Wenn wir dich nicht sehen, siehst du uns auch nicht, Huize Frankendael – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26 September – 8 October: Acte de Presence, Den Haag, The Netherlands
4 September – 31 October: Close, Het Nutshuis – Den Haag, The Netherlands (as curator)
16 May: Flicking Forehead – Beijing, China
3 – 4 May: De Invasie, Brakke Grond – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
24 – 27 April: You made me love you, Derde Wal – Nijmegen, The Netherlands
18 – 19 April: 2014Frames, Glasgow International Festival, Streetlevel Photoworks  – Glasgow, Schotland
10 -11 April: 2014Frames, Glasgow International Festival, Merchant City Square  – Glasgow, Schotland
6 – 7 April: 2014Frames, Glasgow International Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art  – Glasgow, Schotland

10 november – 29 november: Pushing up Daisy, Nutshuis, Den Haag
5 september – 24 october: Vitrine, Den Haag
8 June – 8 July: Structure, Van Kranendonk Gallery – Den Haag
8 March – 7 april: Baracca: Ritual & Practice, Buro Rotterdam – Rotterdam
Februari: ’t Spant, Bussum
11 t/m 22 januari: Mediawall Schouwburg Rotterdam